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Our take on the Flatform trend brings you a wide variety of fun styles that will add an urban edge to any look. Explore our range of seasonal colours and styles to find your favourite pair of edgy Flatforms at an unbeatable price!
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Give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world. When it comes to women's footwear, her wardrobe is simply incomplete without a stunning stiletto, chunky pumpskiller boots, stylish wedges, and comfy flatforms.

Flatforms by Novo Shoes

Flatforms for women are a popular style as they are incredibly comfortable, and you can walk in it for hours without feeling any weight on your feet. These flatforms are available in multiple styles and can be worn with an array of outfits for almost any occasion like work, brunch, casual evening, or party. They are like a fashion staple and quite a trend amongst women of all age groups. These flatform shoes are quite relaxing and comfortable. They are surprisingly versatile and lend you a couple of extra inches. These statement-making flatforms for women can be added to just about any look. If you want to style your casual wear or give a feminine dress an edgy makeover, you can try this wide range of flatform shoes available at Novo and elevate any outfit. These flatform shoes are the highlight of any woman's wardrobe. Be it extravagant as a plush red carpet event or a low hey subtle evening affair; this pair will highlight your feminine side with every step. You can explore the exclusive collection of flatform shoes for women available at Novo Shoes. Each pair of footwear at Novo Shoes is crafted with meticulousness, keeping your comfort and style in mind. These fashionable pairs of flatforms are perfect for every occasion in your life.

Why Novo Shoes

Novo Shoes presents a wide range of stylish, edgy flatforms available in all sizes and colors. Embracing the 90s street style revival, Novo Shoes has created a modern range of flatforms- from sandals to sports luxe sneakers to give your outfit an extra edge. Novo flatforms will take your look to new heights, with all the comfort of a flat to make sure you can go the distance. You can shop these flatforms NZ online and choose from the multiple options available. Ranging in style, size, and color, you'll find that perfect pair to suit your personal style. Order your flatforms from Novo Shoes and enjoy unbeatable prices and prompt delivery, direct to your door. Novo Shoes also offers various discounts from time to time sitewide and in-store so that you can pick your favorite pair of flatform shoes at an affordable price. The hassle-free delivery at Novo Shoes ensures that your favorite pair reaches your doorstep in no time. Novo Shoes has a stunning range of flatform shoes for women, which will elevate your look and make you look super stylish and glamorous.